Terracotta plate

Manufacturer: Nicoló Giuliano


Enameled terracotta plate

The product has a charming appearance and a vibrant image, it is the best choice for gifts to relatives and friends or as a decoration collection as a gift.

It can be placed in your room and workplace to refresh the decorative appearance of a small space. Enhance your personal charm.

It is suitable for decorating your home, living room, office, workplace, TV cabinet, desktops, hotels, bar, study, cafe, yard, library, canteen, cafe, tea room, hotel, etc.

As a gift, it is suitable for friends, newlyweds, couples, birthdays, lovers, weddings or anniversaries, Christmas etc.

cm ø26 - 120 Є 
cm ø37 - 180 Є
cm ø45 - 220 Є
cm ø55 - 520 Є

Nicoló Giuliano is a leading brand in the manufacturing and sales of artistic ceramic and tiles since 1970